Mission Statement

Since birth, there is a good chance that you have worn some article of clothing every single day of your life. Unfortunately, most of the clothing available in stores and online is harmful to the Earth. Fast fashion is not only a threat to the environment, but to the health of workers and consumers alike. It's time to start being conscious of the clothes we wear. Tha Shyne is not just a lifestyle or brand, but a way of being that prioritizes wellness, unity, and a return to what is natural; commodities that have become scarce in our contemporary climate.

Our Commitment to your Wellbeing

Our line of products is created using only natural materials, with a focus on minimizing the use of harmful chemicals, detergents, and microplastics throughout the manufacturing and shipping processes.

Our Commitment to The Planet

Our fabric, dyes, and materials are ethically procured from sustainable sources to ensure that our products are not only of the highest quality, but also environmentally conscious and socially responsible. We also plant a tree for every shirt purchased! Learn more here.